viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008

un poema de denise duhamel

There are basically two kinds of children.
Those who like to torture and those who like to rescue.
Most get their first practice on insects:
some save ants in a jar with breathing holes punched
in the lid and feed them crumbled Saltines and sugar.
Some pin a ladybug unde the magnifying glass
and wait for the sun to burst her into flames.
Some rip off spider legs. Some make tiny spider casts
and crutches and wheelchairs. The children usually progess
quickly to animals and birds. Some fire at pigeons
with BB guns. Some take the pigeons home
swaddled in a tee shirt or sock and try to mend the wounds
with Band Aids or maybe gauze and masking tape.
Some pluck out a cat's entire set of whiskers
and laugh as it bumps into chairs like a drunk.
Some make a papoose and carry the cat around
to save it embarrasment. Some like to chop off
the legs of frogs. Some like to set frogs free.
At night all children are exhausted by the cruelties
of the world and fight sleep because there is still
so much to do. So many tiny slings to be sewn,
tailored to fit around the puppy's neck and front leg.
So many things to do to find a purpose.
So many slingshots to be fired. The Y
held tightly, a secret in every bully's fist.

de Afortunada de mí/LUCKY ME by Denise Duhamel (Bartleby ed.)

(el poemario al que pertenece este "BASICALLY" ha sido traducido por Dagmar Buchholz & David González / y lo tengo con dedicatoria del mismo mozalbete / gracias al aliento y envío del Kebran (junto a 2 CREATURA) // Duhamel es una muy grande poeta norteamericana / reflectora de una explosiva mezcla de contemporary sub & upper culture // cruel y amable / sincera y contradictoria / se analiza y se desmiente sudando sangre y calma // un placer su lectura original y contrastada // gracias / a las 3 Ds y a K / por este viaje)

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kebrantaversos dijo...

gracias a ti siempre
el kebran
sólo espero que te guste y emocioné tanto como a mi
y que leas los creatura aunque sea en el baño