lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

diario de una actriz # 7 Vuk remembers rehearsals "la habitación del mediodía"

dramaturgia, dirección y fotos by laura ortega (2006)
y yo pienso
ahora me toca animación con red eléctrica
y penélope cruz con un óscar...
dámelo, que es mííííooooo, mi tesssooorooo...

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Hello friend. :-)
I can't understand the text though but really great pics. Seems like they are alive. Have you seen aurora??
I'd appreciate your visit on my blog. Watch some random shots/pictures from India.


Hi dear friend...
Thanks for your visit on my blog. You were talking about coincidences.... Here is an another one. India is a multi-lingual country with over 500 regional languages, including the main language called Hindi, and I can speak only two of them, one is Hindi of course and the other is, coincidently Bengali. !!!
Right now I'm studying in New Delhi but I can easily recollect the memories of my childhood. My whole life n personality is very much influenced by the Bengali culture, even though I'm not a Bengali. They are lovely people, whatever they do is unique... Their celebrations, the Durga Pooja, Dussehra, their food, their language, the way they welcome guests, their clothing etc (Ha ha... i never tried to wear a sari though but I'm sure you must have looked beautiful in sari :-)
Please upload the details of your bengla play on your blog, if possible. And plz allow followers on your blog, I wanna become one. :-) Take care.